Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm in Uni now, how did that happen and how do i make it stop?!

Right, time for a bit of presentation first. This blog is mine, me, for me, by me, and all other 'me' there is. Everything may not sound exactly like me, but I'm not used to writing stuff for everyone to read. I actually got this idea from a friend of mine who does the same thing, and I admit she will probably call me a thief at best, though I’m sure she could find more choice words...

Anyway, I will call this my new method of procrastination, though it does serve the purpose of keeping multiple people up to date when technology fails me and I’m 'out of the coverage area'.

So then, let’s get down to it. I'm in Uni now. EPFL to be precise. And it scares the absolute feces out of me. I didn’t think it would, but hey, I’m usually wrong about things I don’t know, which thankfully aren’t common. Yes, I have been told of my arrogance… So on to this pseudo-journal of the freshman that is Seb.

First day, 15th September 2008:
I somehow managed to step into the school with excitement. With all the intriguing and new prospects open to me in the near future, excitement was understandable. Sadly it gave way to worry as I realised I didn’t know where to go. Luckily, Switzerland is a wonderful country where people are happy to help, and my Uni (only a few days and I’m already fiercely proud of it) is a fine example of such spirit...

-----Just stepped out to get some milk for my cookies. My landlady (it's easier to say than 'the-woman-whose-house-I’m-renting-a-room-in) has strange thought patterns. There's only one mug, but she wanted to be sure there would be enough teacups, so she went and bought five. And the mug has currently been thieved by someone. So yay for useless mini teacups.-----

So 15min late, I get to my first class, and I meet my first symbol of Uni life: l'Amphiteatre. And better yet, a full one. So guess who's sitting on the stairs? But I wasn’t the only one, so it was okay. At least until the teacher said it was a pity there weren’t enough seats for everyone, gesturing towards us. Having 250 pairs of eyes on you is a tad unnerving.

4h of maths later sees me and two girls from my class eating in the cafeteria and soon Elyes, a friend from Dubai meets up with me. From then on, nothing particularly special or entertaining happens. Until night falls, and I’m on my way back home. The error that night, one that I only realised the next day, was that I was looking at arrival timings, instead of the departures. In my defense it wasn’t written in big letters on the billboard. Okay, maybe, but they weren’t REALLY big, like they should be. So as a gift for my ignorance, I spent 2 hours erring in between two far away train stations. Not the best experience, but I was now very much aware of another symbol of Swiss Uni, it's gonna be really, really cold.

Luckily, I was able to catch a train back to Lausanne and get the last room available in the hotel I had stayed in. And back to school I went the next day.

In between then and today, not much else happened. Or at least not much that I can exactly remember.

In no specific order, here's some random info and answers to FAQs:
-I chose Ethics as my Human Science for the trimester. Expect some philosophical thoughts in the future.
-I have 18h of maths per week. I know, I have trouble believing it too.
-My Programming teacher says 'hein' every third word. It's flamboyantly funny.
-Mon prof de SMX (Science des Materiaux) a un accent marseillais. A toi d'imaginer...
-La metrologie, c'est purement nul.
-It takes me a bit less than an hour to get to school. Still scared to get on the wrong train too. Hehe..
-18h of maths...
-Plans for setting fire to the lake are in motion, and money shall be made! Hopefully..
-Sports are on the horizon
-Presumably, I am staying in SMX.
-26% of EPFL students are female.
-Lausanne's bigger than you'd think, but I still managed to find the Fnac!!
-I miss my family terribly, and their help has been incredibly appreciated.
-There are 16 restaurants and places to get food in EPFL. Currently, the best food is in the Architecture building. Lucky bastards…
-I finish at 12h tomorrow!

As a parting note, I’ve gotta say things are getting easier. Pandora's last gift isn’t as useless as I thought it was.


Beatrice said...

J'adore... please continue to keep me updated on your progress and life in Chweizerland.
I miss you alotalotalot especially when I go to attack although Amandine has been faithfully replacing your charm with the teachers for a couple of days!! Will think of something more intelligent to say next time... bisous. Maman

Laura said...

Congratulations on your new big adventure! This is awesome, I can't wait to read more!!!!

Beatrice said...

Amandine will be sending you a recipe to do un gateau au choco demi mou ou qq chose comme cela.. tu vas adorer. C'est facile, rapide et delicieux. Impressionant (a echanger avec Ariane contre une tarte faite maison)....