Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Lost in Lausanne

I think they should make a movie called 'Lost in Lausanne'. It has too good a ring to it otherwise.

But first things first. This evening, Seb the Uni-student was seen cooking spaghetti in the kitchen. However, I feel like I spent more time cleaning up the mess than eating. Stupid spaghetti overflowed and spilled all over the stove. And seeing as I had to wait for them to cool down (I was also heating up some bolognese sauce) by the end of it I had a layer of dried up stuff on the stove. Lovely...

But I must admit, the spaghetti was good. It may not have started off on the right foot; indeed I did forget to take off the sticker from the bottom of the cooking pot before adding the water and spaghetti, so that was fun to remove, I’ll let you imagine how I did it without removing anything; but hey, it's unusually fun!

So, on to business, Getting Lost in Lausanne:

Today was a great day. Started off with a hot chocolate with a friend in the Uni Bar called Satellite. Then off to 4h of maths, which I found refreshingly easy. And then, DONE. Easily the best day at school of the week. So back to the bar, for a beer this time. Now I usually don’t like beer, but I was introduced to one yesterday that is frankly delicious. Forgot the name though. Played backgammon with a friend, I lost spectacularly 7-0. He had incredible luck, and I had, well, at least I had my beer...

And then off to Lausanne, where I planned to go to different real estate agencies to see if any apartments are available. I think it is important to note that if every town was like Lausanne, obesity just wouldn’t exist. It all goes up and down and up and... I seriously challenge anyone to go to 7 different agencies around Centre Ville Lausanne and not break a sweat. And did I! But with the biggest smile on my face. I got absolutely and utterly lost in the town, but it was so cool. I now have a pretty good idea where the best shops are, and I’ve already spotted good Xmas present shops. I was just so happy to discover everything. I think it was coz the weather today was excellent, I was actually in t-shirt in the street!

So there are a few apartments available, I’ll have to confirm tomorrow.

And because I can't be bothered to link all my thoughts together, here's the random lines again:

-The train ride back is good thinking time.
-The entrance hall to the house smells very strongly of something very strange and very stale. Still haven’t figured out what it is, chalk another one up for the weird landlady.
-The entire kitchenware is actually slightly smaller than normal. It's SO annoying!
-No more pesky tickets for me, I have public transportation monthly subscription. High-Ho!!
-Old Swiss ladies aren't as nice as you'd think.
-Really Old Swiss people in the street or in shops tend to take you for an idiot.
-The municipality hides the shortcuts around town so that people can't find them and have to walk all the way up and down.
-I have hit my head at least 5 times on the low hanging lamp in my room.
-My first week of school is over. Not many left, right?

More Uni antics to come...

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