Monday, November 10, 2008

Lyon weekend=awesomeness, lyon people=cranky dudes

As I sit here on the train, watching the surprisingly beautiful scenery speed by, I realise I really enjoyed spending the weekend with my friends. It just felt a bit like home, and I miss that already. But it’s all the more reason to do it again some time. Next stop Montpellier!! Eventually skiing in Switzerland is planned but I don’t correctly recall…

So I’m on my way back to Switzerland, about 3h away. I actually have to switch trains with a half-hour wait. If I wasn’t so hungry I’d be so annoyed. I mean, it’s about 5 a clock, but considering the impressive lack of proper food (or anything to cook it ON) in Maxime’s apartment you would understand my ill-begotten hunger.

So I will be switching in BelleGarde to a train to Geneva where I have to get a train to Lausanne. And the best, is that I get off at Lausanne CFF and not Allaman. Yup, I changed apartments on the 1st of November. It was a tremendously trying day filled with dastardly difficult dilemmas, choices and the task of carrying all the IKEA life-needs we bought. Thankfully I had my Cousin Patrick’s help.

So let’s see what that was:

-Dark wood desk. Check.

-4 legs for the desk. Check.

-Black BILLY shelves. The big ones. Check. Must say BILLY coz everyone knows ‘em.

-Bed frame. Check.

-Mattress. Check.

-Strange thin planked apparatus. Check.

And don’t let the last object’s apparent simplicity fool you, it’s incredibly hard. Because of the existence of a band in which you must slide each plank. In two words: Pure Torture. 3 hours it took me to decide to just forget about the stupid band. Then I put the mattress on it, and went to bed. The building was tiring.

After having gone back to IKEA to get another shelf, a much needed bin and a pair of lamps, I was back to work, standing on my chair and trying to plug my lamp into the long-unused ceiling cables. After a very effective electric shock, I realized it was on, and continued after having switched it off. A minor mistake, some tired triceps and a bit of maneuvering later, the lamp was set, and I’m awesome.

I still need a few minor additions, and I’ll be all set. Well, after I clean up the mess that is my room at the moment. I hadn’t gotten the time to sort through my stuff peacefully…

Coupled with my laundry lying around because I don’t have a basket for it, my room should be an intriguingly smelling room to come home to.

Oh lovely. I just remembered the truck load of work I still have to do to catch up to my new section. Because yes indeed I am in a new section. Changed to SV at the beginning of the week, and I may be able to cancel my upcoming test because the teacher doesn’t deem it fair to test me on something I’m clearly not ready for. They’re good for that at my school.

I can’t wait to be back in my apartment. I’m rather bored on this train. I want to check my mail because Maxime doesn’t have internet at his apartment. Or a TV. It’s rather like the Stone Age, in more ways than one. Lots of pictures to remember the night though. Good thing too.
Turns out there’s someone else who just changed into the same section as me, and she’s the Wootton’s son’s girlfriend. What a tiny world, this Switzerland place. So at least I’m not the only one. I’m also currently doing cognitive psychology. It’s awesome.

The day they told me I changed, I had a meeting with the chief of the section, who properly explained to me in simple words that I was probably in the wrong section, and it will be very hard. Very uplifting conversation. But apparently it must be his way because he reduced the other person who switched to tears.

So I’m gonna check out where my section is sending me in the future, and to do that I need to check out the masters projects. If I don’t like the road it gives me, then I’ll switch to medical school. I think I’d like to be a doctor. But again, I will need documentation and so will attend a few classes just to know what I may be getting myself into.

For the moment, I have so much to catch up that dealing with my friends from my old section isn’t really taking my time, and I don’t really have to pay much attention, it seems to be working out fine. Even went to a friend in the city’s apartment one night, and went home pretty late, no problems! It’s awesome living in town…

So now I watch a surprising amount of series. Currently, I am watching House, Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother (these two last are a decent substitute to Friends), Merlin. Smallville is crap. Hotel Babylon is great but gets old. And I’ve got a few movies I can’t be bothered to watch. Dammit I forgot to get some episodes off Maxime.

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