Thursday, October 2, 2008

I hate train stations...

My nose is blocked. It's horrible. I don't even sound normal when i say 'horrible' out loud. But hey, at least now im really sure there actually is a weird smell in the house, coz i can still smell it!!

Anyway, on to the newest news. My brother left today. Twas very sad. So now i hate train stations. I got lost in one, froze my posterior clean off in one, stressed for an hour looking for my brother (who arrived late, in the end..), got robbed in one, and then there's the whole people leaving. Yikh. So now i hate train stations. Except Padington and Pennsylvania, they have Krispy Kream. Mmmmmm.

In other new news, my box has arrived! Uni boy now has LOADS of warm clothing. But the weather is just a bit chilly, some say. Personally, F-F-FREEZING-G is usually what comes to mind. But not anymore :D

School is alright, i am solidly in my section now, gets more interesting as u go in fact. Going to get involved in a few groups and stuff, so i should be well occupied. I'm going to see my uncle tomorrow, should be nice.

Oh, i remember what i wanted to write! There's a Chinese man living in the house. Oh my God he makes so much noise when he eats. Seriously. I actually sat there staring at him for a bit. No joke. It's horrible! So i now pay attention to when everyone (meaning him) eats. His name is Wong by the way. HAHA!! But he's a kind guy, let's me use his soy sauce :P

I went to the supermarket and went crazy too, bought loads of food! I used to buy everything on the day i would eat it, but now i have provisions for a this week. Thinking ahead, something i'm getting used to. No wonder one gets gray hair eventually...

But i think that i wont really be comfortably set in a kitchen until its mine. Which won't be for awhile, seeing as i'm moving into my friend Brigitte's apartment. One of the flatmates is leaving, so i'm takin her place on the 1st of November. No more bus-train-tram ride for me!! And it's a nice apartment, and i made a deal with Brigitte that i would cook and she would clean. It's awesome. Though i may have embellished my culinary gifts to get that deal...

Oh, i broke the lamp...A particularly enthusiastic head bang sent the ceramic lid crashing down. Still doesnt stop me from hitting it though, it was just the lid. I'm on hit number 14 i think, my brother even tried it out!

Ironically, the apartment i will move into, i have already slept in. The couch is quite comfy. I think the right term to use would be 'squatter' as i have already spent two nights on that sofa. But hey, soon it'll be mine :D Can't wait.

Currently cooking now. Just discovered we had a whisk.

I now have Handball on wednesdays, Climbing on thursdays and Salsa dancing on Fridays. And soon i will have certain group meetings on other days. If i can get myself down to one to start with first. Lots to do, lots to set up. I shall be quite busy in the days to come. I hope i always am.

-I've enrolled myself in a driving school, lessons start end of october.
-There's a little doggy staring at me. It's the landlady's. It's freaky. Lucas would enjoy chasing it.
-Really cool parties are on the horizon. Photographic evidence will be taken for later examination and/or remembrance.

I think that's all for now.

I miss many certain people.

I can already here the 'We miss you too!'s and it makes me happy :D

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